The Attorneys at Bob Leonard Law Group are fully prepared to represent you in your divorce: Whether you are facing a total disruption in your financial and emotional life or if you qualify for a simple divorce at one of our group workshops. We pay close attention to all the needs of our clients and we are confident BLLG is an excellent choice for your divorce.

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A Fort Worth, Texas divorce attorneys may handle divorce cases that include the dismantlement or division of a financial conglomeration several decades or even several generations in the making. A routine divorce can include finding and dividing assets such as, vacation homes, stocks, mutual funds, ranches, partnerships, sole proprietorships, mineral rights, royalties, investment properties, retirement accounts or rental properties and securing hidden accounts or assets. Divorces can also involve elaborate issues with debt secured by accumulated assets or ownership and or deed and title changes.

Our Lead Attorney Bob Leonard is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a claim that less than one percent of Texas lawyers can make. Plus, he has decades of experience with all the above issues.

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Divorce also can temporarily be an emotionally devastating turn for a family. Often divorce addresses issues associated with child custody, child support, parental alienation, infidelity or abuse. You also may need to acquire and calculate spousal support and balance asset distribution (if a long term spouse has not pursued a career but has invested by providing a stable home life for children, handling domestic responsibility in support of a working partner, or has been affected by a medical condition).

BLLG’s managing attorney Taylor McPherson is a tireless and passionate advocate with an academic and professional history filled with accolades and honors.

Sometimes a BBLG divorce can be as simple as filling out a questionnaire and paying a small fee or coming to our office for a weekend workshop and signing your names. It may cost a bit more than a do it yourself divorce but you can relax knowing it will be done right.

BLLG is ready to be your legal team and strategically help you navigate any issue you may be facing in a divorce. Call our law office today at 817-336-8500 and equip yourself for divorce with unsurpassed legal services and solutions

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