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Josh Hamilton’s divorce

Bob Leonard Fort Worth certified family law attorney takes a look at Josh Hamilton’s divorce. Regardless of whether you are a baseball fan, regardless of whether you are a Texas Rangers fan, regardless of whether you are a Josh Hamilton fan, the recent publicity about Josh Hamilton’s divorce does him (and his wife) a disservice [..]

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10 Things To Tell Your Legal Team

Top 10 things you don’t keep from your legal team: 10. That you have been convicted of any crime; 9. That you have or have had a drug problem; 8. That you have had mental health problems in the past; 7. That you are currently under the care of a mental health professional; 6. That [..]

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Cohabitation Agreement Needed! Are You Living Together?

Why do I need a cohabitation agreement? Partners do not begin a relationship expecting it to fail, but unfortunately many relationships fail.  It is important to be prepared.  If you are living together and not married, a cohabitation agreement may help you avoid financial pitfalls and future emotional stress.  A cohabitation agreement can protect you [..]

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